Culture Vultures Latest Ploy

This is must likely going to be a reoccurring topic so excuse if this isn’t going to be a broad full scale nuclear war on the subject but rather a small SAS behind the enemies line type of bite- Culture Vultures aka Industry Marketing / Connector / PR types.
Fuck, I hate them.
Fuck, I once even tried to be one.

That totally didn’t work because I refused to play the group chat decision by committee bullshit to advance my slave-status to a system that cares nothing for me and actually believed for a hot minute that I could change “anything”. Boy was I wrong. Anyhow, I’ve recently noted their newest ploy of hallow-total lack of personality-douchebaggery – that’s how you succeed in business kids- to sell yourself as a much needed commodity in the corporate world.
Here’s the real short “how to be a useless prick for dummies” on the system: Brand A sells bullshit, Brand A wants to be cool. Insert talentless loser B with severe insecurity issues and zero talent other than partying, organizing drugs and generally being a nuisance. B tells A- I’ll hook up all the cool movers and shakers and the cultural currency will trickle down to your Walmart customer base. A spends dumb amount of money, most of it goes to B and the artist is the cunt. As per usual. No shit, that’s the deal, how it’s been since I’ve gotten into this industry 20 years ago, and you’re either in it or your not. No grey zone here.
Problem is, that shit don’t work and finally brands have picked up on this and that leaves Asshole B out in the dog house.
Cue Asshole B’s new power move: collabs and cultural immersion is dead, Long Live the REAL collabs and only I know what that is all about, so send me your money. Seriously, it’s worse than watching Trump explain Global Warming. To make it worse, it’ll probably work, emperors new clothes and all.
Long story short dear artist friends and consumers out there alike, here’s a tip: cut out Person B. IF you want to sell out, do it right. Other than that, why don’t we all start teaching A that they need to step up their game when it comes to their product, pay the artists, engineers, makers rather than your hordes of culture vultures out there who try to sell you their version of cool, which it has never been. 

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