On the Opposition to Value

This is going to be reoccurring theme on here, for two reasons. One, economic philosophy is at the core of my PhD and secondly it might just be the single most important concept and point of discussion of opposition in the 21st Century. Our value system is skewed, I’ll go even further, our understanding and interaction with the current physical and metaphysical value system is the single most destructive force of our society and furthermore, the greatest enemy in the light of positive humanitarian rational progress.

That’s the broad overlying concept and thought bubble much of my writing and thinking is based on these days. I could get into the definition of the collective nightmare I call our Value System but again, that would take too long and one day when I am finished writing this PhD you can get into that.
For now, the physical Value System I am refereeing to is clearly how we reward work: money.
Secondly, and more importantly the metaphysical Value System I am refereeing to is HOW we value what we do and each other. I won’t get into that now.
The most concrete critique of philosophical thought and writing is that it merely objectifies questions and very rarely offers solutions. Sure, solutions mean measurement and if you are wrong, well you will get your ass handed to you. I can live with that for whatever reason and here it goes.
If I am, and believe me I really am, arguing that our physical value system is a threat to not just progress but also existence what do I suggest as an alternative?
Again, I am not planning on offering an entire alternative cosmos to our current value system here but at the core the most revolutionary act in our current value system is your own withdrawal from it.
Crickets right? Ask yourself this: do you understand our current hyper-capitalistic system to be a threat to your existence? If not, please do yourself and myself the favour and read Naomi Klein’s “This Changes Everything” and get back to me.
If you do however, hell, welcome to the club of utter depression and anger at the world at large – of which I am the god damn first member of. Anyhow, coffee, rants, you know me, this is how it goes. It’s not all doom and gloom though, mostly because the answer to said system is really quite simple. I realize that it might feel ineffective on your own individual level, but as they said, “they have the guns but we got the numbers”. It’s simply about critical mass.
I am fully aware of the fact that aside from a Fight Club / Mr. Robot-esque hacker attack that destroys all record of global debt, we aren’t going to see a destruction of the current value system, not in my life time anyhow, yet again, when critical mass comes into play, even I don’t dare to foresee that possibility. Nevertheless, you individually have the power to change this shit hole of a system but brutally analysing what you do with your money.
What do you need, where will you buy this and who do you give your money to?
Do you want to give your money to some giant evil ass corporation ( ahem, Evil Corp anyone ) that doesn’t pay taxes, yet more importantly, truly doesn’t have nor feel any social responsibility in terms of sustainability, workers unions and you? I doubt it, yet you do. We all do. Every time you buy something of Amazon, you fuck this place up a little more, and yes, it’s just you , but then let’s think about critical mass and Amazon… right, you’re with me.
So let’s call it how it is and what needs to be done: Restraint & Thought.
Oh I know, life is busy, it’s hard, you don’t have time to take a day to look at your life…hell, been there bought the mental breakdown. I know.
It needs to change.
Now. Today.
We are way past the point of “hey let’s see of neo-liberal globalization works and wealth trickles down” – fuck, even writing those words makes we want throw my fucking apple computer out of the window.
Opposition to the existing Value System is not a conceptional alternative that sounds like fun on paper. On the contrary, it is our moral and ethical responsibility to withdraw ourselves from the system that is killing you, me and the whole damn rock we all are living on. Withdrawl starts with knowledge, find out who you give your money to, what they do with it, what causes they support, if any and so on. Then, if you don’t agree with what you are seeing, think about if you truly need what you are planning on buying? Can you find it elsewhere? Can you repair what is broken? Can you find it second hand, more importantly, can you think of a way to make it yourself? The thought process is endless, but it is important to start and start now.
The moment you and the subsequent critical mass stops paying into the system that enslaves and will eventually kill you, p.s.: you’ll owe them money for that too, real change will happen.
During that process you and I can talk about re-evaluating our metaphysical Value System. That will be fun.

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