On Withdrawal and White Noise

Thanks to copious amounts of Vietnamese Coffee this will be short and to the point, furthermore, this is specifically for us people that create for a living. Withdrawing one’s self creates clarity in intent and the subsequent creative output.

“Withdrawal” means the purposeful reduction, ideally cancellation, of white noise or society chatter, trends, happenings, events, workshops, email newsletters, life coaches – the list is endless, no matter what society or societies you have found yourself in when creating. I shut out and participate in next to none of the white noise my “industry”  – a term as harmful to its creators as it is inhibiting – it adds nothing to my creation or creation process. If you do not have it in yourself to make what you need to make, get a real job. White Noise is Team Work. Creation by committee is a sickness of the talentless cult of the amateurs. The lack of purity and impact is deafening. Surround yourself with yourself and create. Commercial success is irrelevant in the cosmos of creative purity. Creating is the moment of zen described in Eugen Herrigel’s book “Zen and the Art of Japanese Archery” – that’s what you are aiming for in creating. Nothing else. Everything else is Design and Marketing. Nothing wrong with that. Just don’t expect me to do it for you.

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