Smells Like You Googled Teen Spirit

Originality in Fashion, in the broadest terms, is dead and has been dead for longer than I can remember. Nothing ground breaking in that statement and yet I have retained my interest in the next generation of kids with their adamant fascination in fashion and their pseudo religious fever when it comes to their regurgitated proclamation of originality.

On good days, it makes me laugh because truthfully, a large part of my working life has been filled with selling bullshit to kids. It’s a harsh truth but one that can be said without remorse. Mostly, I actually tried to bring some essence and truth to the bullshit but that has totally gone out of style. That may not be that apparent at first glance but a few moments of reflection of what is being peddled by your so called “influencers” online and offline as genuine retro-shit to be re-interpreted at their next design meeting will literally make your head explode.
I am going to save the gruesome details for a series of talks in the near future, but these days you have design directors, influencers, movers and shakers solely basing their “direction” based on what google tells them the “90s” were all about.
For someone that grew up in the 90s and was really into some of the shit that went down in that decade it is beyond baffling.
Not the fraudulent bullshit displayed – there’s always going to be shit-peddlers as long as corporations hire design directors that know nothing other than playing the brown nose game, nothing will change that.
No, I am actually shocked at the audacity said “influencers” / shit-peddlers posses to sell their crap – or rather, that whomever pays them, with money or and likes, actually believes their google generated bullshit version of an entire decade.
It’s truly beyond me. Shit moved so fast from one scene / trend in 1990-1994 that as fully involved teenager at the time I couldn’t keep up, by the late 90s I was already so out of touch that it looked like I had my own style – if only people knew.
With the 90s – not that the 90s is a definable era or style – in full retro swing, you get all these shit peddlers googling what that artificial intelligence remembers from that time – and most of that comes from fashion magazine scans. I hope you can see the fault in this logic already. Fashion Magazines, and yes that includes your most revered The Face or ID have always sucked donkey balls. It’s a cocaine fuelled, rich white boy version of what they thought went down, case in point Marc Jacobs doing a grunge line in 1995 and yet that is what is being referenced as Grunge now by said shit peddlers.
I’ll let that simmer for a minute.
Now I was a full-blown grunge kid when that storm hit me in 1990. Yeah, there was a look to it. No doubt about it, but I certainly didn’t read about it in some pre-vice club culture fuckboy magazine like The Face. It just happened.
With that, you now have people who should know better simply because of their age, who don’t for only two possible reasons.
One, they either weren’t really involved but spectators, and thus their “impact” “immersion” cue any other marketing jams you want – is a lie and needs to be re-addressed as those assholes who talk about it at some fancy club whilst instagram famous pricks stroke their ego OR the other option is pure laziness.
That, in my opinion is the biggest problem that has given so much power to AI and algorithms.
If you were there, and really wanted to produce a historically correct version of what went down, just fashion wise mind you, you could.
But no, why bother when your client wants “new” old shit weekly and they buy your “totally genuine” version of what Marc Jacobs thought Grunge was.
It is important to remember that all this information we have on the internet is one) highly vetted towards our interests and your previous online behaviour and b) – this being the important one, only shows what we at some time in the past put into it. We are luckily not at the point yet where AI taps into our collective hazy memories and thus can create a more accurate image of the past, as interesting as they may be.
With that, kids, as much as I respect your right to re-learn all of this crap, and believe me, much of the 90s sucked hard, at least think about where this pre-packaged bullshit you are consuming with fever comes from and from whom. To someone who remembers a little from that time it all looks like a giant pile of bullshit.

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