On Anarchism and Adjectives

I won’t get into the many misconceptions of Anarchy in here, you’ll have to read my PhD for that when it is done, but here is a little word play for you and it’s brief logical conclusion for you that I would very much like for you to take into your day and give some thought to.

Imagine Anarchy not as a noun but an adjective. That way it defines the tension between moral autonomy and political authority, at least it can and should for this little text. Often I get asked, and I ask myself this question over and over again, but how does this theoretical philosophy apply to real life. Can it? Should it?
Absolutely! As much as I enjoy the rhetorical musing of my peers and my betters as a rhetorical and intellectual exercise, without consequence in action, intellectual discourse remains just that and has a tendency to alienate oneself from the realities of life.
As to real-time applications of the above: step away from the coerced combinations of life, such as the relationship between husband and wife, or the boss and worker, all fo which are culturally indoctrinated here in the west. Fact is, whatever is culturally indoctrinated should be challenged, or rather examined, as whatever relationship that you are not the architect of and are culturally compelled have a tendency to favour your opposite and not you.
Instead, how about we get together and create new relationships, ones that are voluntary and non-coerced combinations of which we all are the architects defined by our mutual needs as we the see them and not as the coerced culturally imposed relationships define them. Let that one revolutionary concept sink in for a moment.
Look at your life, examine your needs and wants, and start defining those in those terms.
If you and I can agree that we will do the work that is required to fulfil said needs and wants, if you and I can agree that we will only take what is required and put back what we can – and this is important- thus removing ourselves from the coerced growth model of capitalism we can get the work done, and done well. As long as “work” is tied to someone else’s profits that solely exist to feed the current growth model of economics, the work won’t get done.
More importantly, if you and I can agree that we will care for the afflicted and those in need out of free will and furthermore, agree that we will do all of the above without hurting anyone we are looking at a real-time application of what it means to be free, and thus a real time interpretation of anarchism as an adjective and not as a noun.
We all have to learn to become our own best form of government because you and I can do it better and cheaper then they can.

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