On Surrendering Pop-Cultural Historicism

Don’t worry this isn’t another mad old dude getting pissed about the resurgence of “the 90s” in fashion or streetwear or sportswear. I could get all mad about it, but I’ll leave that to the fraudulently propped up “OG’s” who weren’t there in the first place and their guest talks on their industries respective Jerry Springer shows.

No, this is about the mechanisms at work behind the scenes that is far more infuriating and scary. Yes, “The 90’s” are back – whatever the fuck that means. There were no “90s”, especially not one that can be boiled down to two to three fashion cycles to appease this quarters stockholders. Whatever you are being sold is pure bullshit born from ignorance, ego, greed and laziness – pretty much everything the 90s I experienced were against.
At this stage you have global corporations telling you what the 90s were, through fashion – when that decade pre- Puffy, was anything but about fashion and specifically, commerce.
The behind-the-scenes jam goes a little like this. You have a bunch of 40-50 year out of touch rich white men, and the occasional women for the quota’s sake, who have no interest in anything other than their mistress, golf game, end of year bonus and zero clue about what’s happening. You then have a bunch of culture vultures freelancing to give sound-bites, power point presentations on trend forecasts about what is going on and how it is going to go down, and then, you have a bunch of junior in-house designer who were born in the 90s using google as their main research tool and et-voila you have the bullshit that is currently being marketed as the great 90s comeback.
All of that is total bullshit – content wise, because it isn’t built from content but built for commerce.
Think about that one for a minute.
Secondly, and this is more important than the mechanisms of commerce dressed up as culture, no one is bitching about the fact that a or many faceless, soulless corporations whose sole existence is to sell you something you don’t need, are now being left in charge of historicism. It’s left not only the academic realm, which is nuts, but more importantly, we, the cultural part of this system have surrounded the narrative to the corporations. If you understand the mechanism behind this, you should be scared. We are seriously at a point where a fashion brand is telling us and the new generation of kids what history was – and it is reducing it solely to commerce. Culture is not about commerce. History isn’t about commerce. None of this exists because I as a teenager went out to buy clothes propagated by bullshit fashion magazines in the 90s that only cocked up ad executives bought to be down. Shit, we didn’t buy much in the 90s other than smokes, CD’s and the occasional t-shirt. Commerce wasn’t and should NEVER be the identifying and unifying force behind any culture and right now that is the case.
Be afraid. Get mad and change this current system of capitalistic culture narrative to sell you a version of the past that never existed.

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