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On Surrendering Pop-Cultural Historicism

Don’t worry this isn’t another mad old dude getting pissed about the resurgence of “the 90s” in fashion or streetwear or sportswear. I could get all mad about it, but I’ll leave that to the fraudulently propped up “OG’s” who weren’t there in the first place and their guest talks on their industries respective Jerry Springer shows.

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On the Opposition to Value

This is going to be reoccurring theme on here, for two reasons. One, economic philosophy is at the core of my PhD and secondly it might just be the single most important concept and point of discussion of opposition in the 21st Century. Our value system is skewed, I’ll go even further, our understanding and interaction with the current physical and metaphysical value system is the single most destructive force of our society and furthermore, the greatest enemy in the light of positive humanitarian rational progress.

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Culture Vultures Latest Ploy

This is must likely going to be a reoccurring topic so excuse if this isn’t going to be a broad full scale nuclear war on the subject but rather a small SAS behind the enemies line type of bite- Culture Vultures aka Industry Marketing / Connector / PR types.
Fuck, I hate them.
Fuck, I once even tried to be one.

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